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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hideaway Cabin

This little 15 x 10 home is the perfect retreat for the single sim or couple who want to escape the rat race or for the sim who prefers his/her own company!  With its rustic decor, lovely landscaped gardens, one double bed, kitchen, lounge, dining and a couple of skill items, it is sure to please you and your sims.  The perfect little home for either the mountains or near the beach.  Enjoy!  (Created by Kaztomp)

The link to download can be found here:- DOWNLOAD


Is a big family beach side home.. with 4 bedrooms, 
Gym, parents retreat 
and lots of wonderful 
areas to enjoy the beach side living...

When you enter thru the front door you 
go into a Indian /beach  theme,
 open planned living, 
where the dining is outside with 
the spa and swimming pool. 

Loads of space when the kids 
grow up and a nice retreat 
for the parents where they can read 
or just watch the fire.. 

With store and CC,s it is a home that 
will need all the games till showtime
and the lot size is a 30x40, 
why not download and go picnicking 
in your backyard..
Created by Harley2

Friday, 25 May 2012

Blue Avalon Heights

When you first arrive you enter thru the Front door /Gate into the spa 
area, a BBQ and a pond with fish spread out in front of you, looking 
around you will see a bucking bull and part of the back yard then 
you head up the spiral stairs into the Kitchen, Dining and Lounge, 
all decorated with the 1920's design which 
is cosy and spacious, where to go next you asked, downstairs or up stairs?.. 

This home is for a large family, built over 2 levels with stairs going up to 
the bedrooms, gym or down to the children's area, study and laundry.
This is a great home to play, with big bedrooms, nice areas to get away 
from it all and a great backyard to enjoy.. 
On a 30x40 lot, with some CC's and not a lot of store content you should
 find it easy to download.
It looks great on a hill lot, looking out those big windows over the valley below.
( Created by Harley2)


Celebrus Luxuria

This large, decadent home was built on a 64x64 lot, for a lady sim who had quite the talent for entertaining the gentlemen of the town.  If you were looking for a family home - keep looking...  this one is all about parties and decadent living! No place for messy kids or pets in here I'm afraid.

With 3 large bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, living areas both inside and outside, a gentlemen's lounge and cellar, swimming pool, 2 spas, a pond with fish and an outdoor disco area, this home is definitely for the sim who loves to live their life in style!  (Created by Kaztomp)

The link to download can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD

Queen Latasha's Fairy Castle

This castle was built for the Fairy Queen Latasha and her descendents.  The family were run out of their home world by the evil overlord Thingvallatan and had to begin a new life, in a new land called "Lemanus".

Queen Latasha's new home is built on 20 x 30 lot and includes 4 huge bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and has plenty of room for 10 sims. The pool area, off the bedrooms, is a magical place to practice spells, relax and enjoy the courtyard where you can let time drift away. This home has CC and also the fairy outdoor and indoor set.. so you will need those and all the games to download this Castle..

There is also a gym, music room, reading room, large family kitchen, formal living areas and fireplaces in all the bedrooms.  We hope your fairies and elves enjoy this stunning castle as much as Queen Latasha does!  (Created by Harley 2)

The link to download can be found here:- DOWNLOAD

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Daintree

Built on a 40x30 lot, this architectural delight was another collaborative effort by the three of us, and is indicative of the "Queenslander" style home favoured in the hotter, more humid areas of Australia. It has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, formal & informal living areas and, as is typical in these homes, a lot of living space under the house, where it's cooler. With a truly decadent pool, play area for the kids, bar, spa & heaps of skill items, this home will truly suit the growing family. Enjoy!

The link to download can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD

Seventies Fever

This large home is built on a 40 x 40 lot and provides your Sims with 4 bedrooms (2 doubles, 1 single and a nursery) together with 4 bathrooms.  There are both formal and casual living and dining areas and a large kitchen fitted with all the necessary mod-cons.

There is a large entertainment area located over the double garage and in the basement you will find plenty of items for your Sims to hone their budding skills.  The exterior of the home boasts a BBQ area, a beautiful feature swimming pool and a pond with fish.  There is also a mature fruit and vegetable patch at the side of the house. (Created by Kaztomp)

Here is a street view of Seventies Fever:-

The link to download her can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD

Blue Mountains Bungalow

This gorgeous 20th century, Australian bungalow is built on a 40 x 30 plot and is the perfect home for the large or extended Sim family.

The home has 4 large bedrooms and 2 large bathrooms.  There is a large formal living and dining area and a smaller, cozier family room for those quiet family get togethers.  The country style kitchen provides eat-in dining and the necessities for a well cooked family meal.

Blue Mountains Bungalow is the perfect country or suburban retreat for a family of 8 Sims, as well as the cat and dog.  There is play equipment for both children and pets and a pond in the front yard.  The large wrap around deck provides shade from the blazing sun and a place to unwind after a hard day's grind. (Created by Kaztomp)

Here's a picture of Blue Mountains Bungalow taken from the street:-

The link to download her can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD

New Haven

This stunning, contemporary home offers the very latest in decor, style and comfort and all contained on a 40 x 40 lot. 

New Haven has 4 bedrooms (3 doubles and a nursery), 4 bathrooms, formal and casual living areas, study, spa, swimming pool, large entertainment area with dance floor, wine cellar and skill rooms.  The exterior of the home boasts a double garage, mature fruit and vegetable patch, pond with fishing and a play area for both the kids and the pets.  In short, she has everything your Sims could want in a large family home!  (Created by Kaztomp)

Here is a street view picture of New Haven:-

The link to download her can be found here:- DOWNLOAD


This is a ranch-style home, suitable for the suburban family and built on a 20 x 30 plot.  It is a 4 bedroom home (1 double, 2 singles and a nursery) and comfortably sleeps 7 sims.  It also has 3 bathrooms.  The master bedroom has a large ensuite located on the upper level and there is a family bathroom for the kids.  In the downstairs, walk-out basement there is a large entertainment area with bar and gaming machines, and a separate room houses the laundry, the third bathroom and some skill items.  (Created by Kaztomp)

Here is a street view picture of Glynwood:-

And the link to download her is here:-  DOWNLOAD


This large suburban home is built on a 20 x 30 plot and has 6 bedrooms (3 doubles, 2 singles and a nursery) and also has 5 bathrooms!  Although there isn't a lot of yard space left over, there is a swimming pool and a fruit and veg patch.  The garage is located in the walk-out style basement and the laundry, some skill items and the 5th bathroom can also be found down there. Dundreemin is a beautiful contemporary home and is perfect for the largest of sims families!  (Created by Kaztomp)

Here is a street view picture of Dundreemin:-

And the link to download her can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD


Is an exciting family home that has 3 beds and lots of space and areas for the family to enjoy. It's the perfect home for a pet dog as it has a great area for the kids and dog to enjoy throwing a ball or just having the usual Aussie family BBQ.  (Created by Harley2)



The link to download her can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD


Innaspell has featured in the Simphony Magazine.  This is a rustic style home, only 2 bedroom but made for a Fairy and family.  Beautiful stone walls, fairy decor, landscaping and a night, light show to die for, Innaspell will accommodate a happy Fairy family, or even a normal one that likes that rustic feel. (Created by Glenkarri)


The link to download her can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD

The Beach House

Here is a beachside holiday home or permanent home.  The living, dining, kitchen, TV,  study,  bathroom and spa areas are located under one roof, no windows, lattice walls and an open air feel throughout.  Three bedrooms and another bathroom are located separately.  The decor is tropical and low key.  Put this one right on the Beach and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.  (Created by Glenkarri)

The link to download her can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD

Aqua Downs

This is a small beach hideaway for a young couple just starting out or an elderly couple who have moved from the busy city life to relax in the sun.  Great for an artist or musician, this home has two bedrooms and a lovely outdoor area for entertaining.  (Created by Harley2)


The link to download her can be found here:- DOWNLOAD

Monday, 21 May 2012


This contemporary cottage (built on a 40x30 lot) was a collaborative work by the three of us.  It features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, formal and informal living areas and a gorgeous, semi-formal landscaped garden with pool, spa and BBQ area. (Created by Glenkarri, Harley2 & Kaztomp).

The link to download her can be found here:- DOWNLOAD