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Saturday, 6 October 2012


A modern 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home that will cater for a small family.  Cabarita has a bit more style than the average small home with some lovely and unusual decorative twists, well worth a look through this one.   Built on a 30 x 30 lot.  Hope you like it.
The link to download can be found here:  DOWNLOAD

Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Old Mill

The Old Mill built with a surrounding millpond has been renovated to a comfortable standard to suit a small family.  Most unusual with open access to the pond from the ground floor of the home.  Built on a 40 x 40 lot, The Old Mill could be placed on a larger lot and become a comfy Farm or rural escape.  Hope you enjoy it.

The link to download can be found here:  DOWNLOAD

Friday, 21 September 2012

Bramble Cottage

A cosy two bedroom, three bathroom, shingle clad cottage most suitable for Moonlit Falls.  A nice little garden included for the keen gardener or a nature loving Fairy. Some CC and Store content included in this build. The link to download can be found here: DOWNLOAD

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Baskerville Hall - no CC


What sinister secrets lurk behind the doors of Baskerville Hall?  Are the rumours of ghastly ghosts, a ghoulish hound and secret catacombs to be believed?  Some previous owners have left wealthier, others poorer - but all have left insane!  Why?  No one is certain!  So to any potential purchaser, heed this warning well - BUYER BEWARE!  Enjoy - if you dare!  By Kaztomp & Harley2.  Contains store items.

The link to download can be found here:  DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Summer Breeze

Built for Sunlit Tides using some CC and Store content.  A lovely tropical feel runs throughout this three bedroom, two bathroom home.  Tastefully decorated, with a separate area for the children's room and guest quarters.  The latest Spa and massage table are included. A great home for a family to enjoy living at Sunlit Tides.  The link to download can be found here:  DOWNLOAD

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


This lovely summer home has been built for Sunlit Tides.  The home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, room for a family. Cool blue and white interior flows throughout, with a lovely Sunroom for relaxing and enjoying views of the lagoon.  Will fit a 30 x 30 lot.  Some store and CC used. The link to download can be found here:  DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

OverGrown Scary Manor

This once gorgeous home is now a overgrown ruin..
Will the new residents of Supernatural become its new owners..
With good size bedrooms, dance room, library, servants
 quarters and a bandstand to enjoy the afternoons,
 how could any Werewolf or Vampire be bored..
You can explore the basement, make a new potion
 or find treasure, its a wonder of surprises.

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Friday, 17 August 2012


This semi modern unusual home sits surrounded by a lake and pool, the living areas float above the ground.  Built on a 30x30 lot.  The home has tasteful black and white decor throughout and offers enough room for a small family and plenty of fun stuff for your Sims and you to enjoy.  Some Store content used.  Hope you enjoy it.  The link to download can be found here:DOWNLOAD

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Roxbury Heights 23

Is a large 4 bedroom home. 
Great for a family or singles.. 
With loads of room, entertaining areas,
 laundry, undercover outdoor area for
 those awful days.
En suites in all bedrooms, 
 parents area, pool and spa
this home has everything your 
sim could want.
Plus it is easy and fun to play..
With a modern theme and lots 

of great ideas, it has a warm cosy feeling
 about the home.
 Hope you enjoy  harley2

  click here to DOWNLOAD

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Angourie has a simple modern style with clean lines. With two bedrooms, two bathrooms and tasteful modern decor throughout, it will suit a small family with room for a cat.  There is a lovely outdoor pool and a surrounding deck all set for easy summer living.  Some CC and store used. The link to dowload can be found here: DOWNLOAD

Sunday, 5 August 2012


This wonderful modern build is a joint effort from all 3 of us here at Koolberri.  This is a request, built for Sims Creative Magazine.
Offices and living accommodation were required for at least 10 Sims. On a 64x64 lot, 4, two storey buildings were built. The front 2 house the Main Offices, reception and general work area. Upstairs we have an auditorium complete with dance floor and bar, the opposite building has a large conference room.  The 2 rear buildings will accommodate and happily cater for at least 10 Sims.  A lovely Pool and Pool House grace the tastefully landscaped grounds.  Whether much serious work will ever get done here is another story, as the place is bursting with fun things to do.  No CC, small amount of Store content used. The link to download can be found here: DOWNLOAD

White Magic 2

This home has been refurnished 
I put this home up sometime ago
on to the exchange and it went 
quiet well. Now that i have finished the
changes i wanted to do, i believe it
is now truly finished and i am happy with 
this version.. with 3 bedrooms, 3 storeys of
entertainment areas which are part of the 
building but separate from the house. 
Bright happy decor fun stuff to do 
and a cosy home to live in and 
bring up your family.. 
It is a great home to play and your sims will love it.. By harley2
To download this house please click...DOWNLOAD

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Yamba Dreams

This is a modern home with 3 large bedrooms, games room,
 2 car carport, swimming area with a bubble bar and comfy seating..
 A great house to start a new family or for the young at heart.. 
With warm bright colors thru out the home, when you enter the
 house you know you are home.. 
I have put "A new start" on the photo, as it can be a new start for
your sims family.. 
Easy to play and it has lots of goodies,
 hope your sims like it.. harley2
to Download this house just click . DOWNLOAD

Monday, 23 July 2012


Hilltop is built on a mountainous 40x40 lot and could be considered a small Castle.  With it's luxurious interior decor, lush garden, room for a small family it's a fun place to explore.  The link to download can be found here:

Desert Dreams

This is a big home with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms,
spacious living areas.
A colourful decor welcomes you as you enter
with a large open planned kitchen, looking out
on to a lovely big BBQ area and spa.
Upstairs are good size bedrooms with a
balcony going full length of house.

Green Underground House

This home is a cosy, three bedroom, 3 bathroom, 
with an entertainment area,
 a gym and a great playground.
It has some fairy decor with some
old fashioned styles..
A nice roomy kitchen and dining
cosy fire and comfy lounge..
Hope your sims love it as much as

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cutesy Cottage

This gorgeous little cottage was built in Hidden Springs on a 30 x 30 lot.  It has 2 large bedrooms, master with crib, 1.5 bathrooms, washing machine, large foyer with fireplace, dine-in family kitchen with fireplace, separate living room, also with fireplace, swimming pool, spa, pond with 2 fish spawners, fruit & veg scattered around the garden and 1 car parking space.  The perfect home for the sim family that wants to escape the rat race!  Enjoy!  By Kaztomp.

The link to download can be found here:  DOWNLOAD

Monday, 16 July 2012

Little Blue Cottage

This cute little cottage was built in Hidden Springs on a 30 x 20 lot.  It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with laundry facilities, dine-in kitchen, separate living room with fireplace, 1 car parking space and an outdoor entertaining area under a pergola.  There are a few skill items, fully loaded bookshelves, appliances have been upgraded to unbreakable and the interior decor is simply stunning in blue.  I know your small sim family will be very happy living here.  Enjoy!  By Kaztomp.

The link to download can be found here:  DOWNLOAD

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Here's a lovely and unusual design, three bedrooms.  Built in Lucky Palms, on a 40x40 lot, with it's open deck and two storey outlook all taking in the views of the desert and Lakes.  A most delightful home for a family.  The build is set up for an Artist, the second floor of the Outlook is ready for hanging artwork, the huge roof come deck, is a great spot to paint or simply have some outdoor fun, with loads of room for more ideas of your own.

The link to download can be found here:  DOWNLOAD

Friday, 13 July 2012


Lovely, luxurious, modern home, for right on the Beach living.  This one has been built for Simphony Magazine's summer issue.  Built in Sunset Valley on a 30x30 lot.  With a beautiful atrium style pool, large garage and music area, downstairs spa, gym and dining area, the open air plan allows your Sims to go straight down to the Beach.  The living area is one floor up, and again, with an open air design, set up to catch any summer breezes and take advantage of the ocean views.  Sleeping quarters are another floor up and will accommodate a small family.  No CC in this build, but some Store content, enjoy......

The link to download can be found here:  DOWNLOAD


Is a modern home set in Lucky Palms, with 2 bedrooms,
 it would suit a young family..
Nicely decorated with an unusual design, it has alot to offer
 any sims that live in this home.. 
Home on 20x20 lot.. 
Click here to download....

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


This modern home with two bedrooms and one bathroom will suit a young couple or small family.  Inside is modern and stylish.  It has been built for waterside living on the Pier in Lucky Palms on a 29x13 lot.  No CC and a small amount of Store content.
The link to download can be found here: DOWNLOAD

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Flight of Fantasy

This modern home (built at 70 Great Sand Rd, Lucky Palms on a 64x64 lot) has 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 skill rooms, 4 living areas, a games room and large family kitchen.  A decadent swimming pool, outdoor entertaining areas, play things for both kids and adults alike, and all the necessary stuff to keep a pet pooch and kitty cat happy!  Suggestion - hire a butler and a maid - you're going to need all the help you can get to keep this enormous home clean and tidy!  No CC but loads of store items.  Please enjoy!  Created by Kaztomp.

The link to download can be found here:  DOWNLOAD

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


This colourful modern home will fit into the new town, Lucky Palms, with ease. Built on a 40x40 lot. Upstairs are three bedrooms, all with their own toilet and basin, and a comfortable open plan living/dining/kitchen area opening out onto a large deck with pool and leisure items.  Downstairs we see a spa, outdoor bathroom, double car space and laundry area.  A wishing well takes pride of place and the desert landscaping is finished off with a small fountain and pond.  This home has no CC and the only Store items used are from Lucky Palms. 
The link to download can be found here: DOWNLOAD

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ocean Vista

A small beachside home with modern looks, style and decor.  Built on a 20x30 lot. For the young couple just starting out, room for the kiddies too, with very minimal garden and landscaping. This little home is great for those that enjoy to socialise, party and generally go out on the town for their entertainment.

The link to download can be found here: DOWNLOAD


This charming stone cottage is overgrown by a wild garden.  It has been tastefully decorated and has a warm cosy feel throughout.  Three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Lounge and Library have fireplaces.   A very comfortable home for a small family or couple, especially those that love the outdoors and the garden. Built on 30x30 lot.

The link to download can be found here:  DOWNLOAD

Friday, 22 June 2012

Trees Aloft

A 2 bedroom home up above the trees.
Up with the clouds, 
enjoy looking over the town.
Relax in the spa,
play in the kids area
or have a BBQ with friends.
Sit and watch the waterfall or play
ball in the big yard.
This is a favorite of my sims
as it is easy to play and it hasn't got 
a lot of CC or to much stuff in the 
It's on a 40x30 lot

Monday, 18 June 2012


This home is has the garden
on top of it.
Where you can sit under 
one of the lovely trees, paint, 
get a tan or go for a swim.
With 3 bedrooms, lots of room,
a nice big kitchen, study area, 
and two lounges, this is a comfy
I hope you enjoy this home... Created by Harley2 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Spanish Dreams

This 3 bedroom home with it's Spanish influence inside and out will accommodate a small family.  The two extra bedrooms are located in the Observatory Tower.  Tastefully decorated throughout, includes a BBQ and outdoor dining area located above the Carport and an outdoor pool.  Built on a 30x30 lot.  Some CC used and Store content.

The link to download can be found here:  DOWNLOAD

Monday, 11 June 2012

Dawson Vale

Dawson Vale
Is a wonderful first home for  a young
 couple starting out with 2 bedrooms
 and room to build more rooms on
if needed. 
Dawson Vale is a interesting designed
 home with lots of features..
Large pool area surrounded
 by a tropical garden, pond 
for the fishing interested
and lots of room for a dog or cat..
The interior is colorful and roomy,
 with a large modern 
kitchen and a cosy lounge.
hope you enjoy.
Created by Harley2

East Lakes

East Lakes
A place where wonderful music can be made..
This home was built for a musician
and his family.
Moving away from the bright lights
and heading to a quiet life
has been a wonderful move
for the family.
But will any one know who
he is?
A famous pop star of the 80's
lets see how long it is before
they remember his music..
This home has a garden entrance
a open planned living space with a
large pool off the living area.
Then the top floor is where the
fun really begins.. hope you like it..
 Created by Harley2

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Country Cabin

This gorgeous little cabin is tucked away on a 30x30 lot in Hidden Springs and the setting is divine for the country loving sim or sim couple!  With one large, double bedroom and an open plan living, dining and kitchen area, the home is well laid out with modern but rustic decor and a few modern conveniences to make your sims as happy as possible.  Also set up with a fully grown fruit and vegetable patch, a nectar machine, partially stocked nectar racks and a few other skill items as well.  The bookcase has been loaded with both skill and recipe books, and all "breakable" items have been upgraded to unbreakable and the fireplace is fireproof!  There's also stuff to keep your pet kitty-cat happy as well!  Built by Kaztomp.

The link to download can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hideaway Cabin

This little 15 x 10 home is the perfect retreat for the single sim or couple who want to escape the rat race or for the sim who prefers his/her own company!  With its rustic decor, lovely landscaped gardens, one double bed, kitchen, lounge, dining and a couple of skill items, it is sure to please you and your sims.  The perfect little home for either the mountains or near the beach.  Enjoy!  (Created by Kaztomp)

The link to download can be found here:- DOWNLOAD


Is a big family beach side home.. with 4 bedrooms, 
Gym, parents retreat 
and lots of wonderful 
areas to enjoy the beach side living...

When you enter thru the front door you 
go into a Indian /beach  theme,
 open planned living, 
where the dining is outside with 
the spa and swimming pool. 

Loads of space when the kids 
grow up and a nice retreat 
for the parents where they can read 
or just watch the fire.. 

With store and CC,s it is a home that 
will need all the games till showtime
and the lot size is a 30x40, 
why not download and go picnicking 
in your backyard..
Created by Harley2

Friday, 25 May 2012

Blue Avalon Heights

When you first arrive you enter thru the Front door /Gate into the spa 
area, a BBQ and a pond with fish spread out in front of you, looking 
around you will see a bucking bull and part of the back yard then 
you head up the spiral stairs into the Kitchen, Dining and Lounge, 
all decorated with the 1920's design which 
is cosy and spacious, where to go next you asked, downstairs or up stairs?.. 

This home is for a large family, built over 2 levels with stairs going up to 
the bedrooms, gym or down to the children's area, study and laundry.
This is a great home to play, with big bedrooms, nice areas to get away 
from it all and a great backyard to enjoy.. 
On a 30x40 lot, with some CC's and not a lot of store content you should
 find it easy to download.
It looks great on a hill lot, looking out those big windows over the valley below.
( Created by Harley2)


Celebrus Luxuria

This large, decadent home was built on a 64x64 lot, for a lady sim who had quite the talent for entertaining the gentlemen of the town.  If you were looking for a family home - keep looking...  this one is all about parties and decadent living! No place for messy kids or pets in here I'm afraid.

With 3 large bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, living areas both inside and outside, a gentlemen's lounge and cellar, swimming pool, 2 spas, a pond with fish and an outdoor disco area, this home is definitely for the sim who loves to live their life in style!  (Created by Kaztomp)

The link to download can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD

Queen Latasha's Fairy Castle

This castle was built for the Fairy Queen Latasha and her descendents.  The family were run out of their home world by the evil overlord Thingvallatan and had to begin a new life, in a new land called "Lemanus".

Queen Latasha's new home is built on 20 x 30 lot and includes 4 huge bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and has plenty of room for 10 sims. The pool area, off the bedrooms, is a magical place to practice spells, relax and enjoy the courtyard where you can let time drift away. This home has CC and also the fairy outdoor and indoor set.. so you will need those and all the games to download this Castle..

There is also a gym, music room, reading room, large family kitchen, formal living areas and fireplaces in all the bedrooms.  We hope your fairies and elves enjoy this stunning castle as much as Queen Latasha does!  (Created by Harley 2)

The link to download can be found here:- DOWNLOAD

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Daintree

Built on a 40x30 lot, this architectural delight was another collaborative effort by the three of us, and is indicative of the "Queenslander" style home favoured in the hotter, more humid areas of Australia. It has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, formal & informal living areas and, as is typical in these homes, a lot of living space under the house, where it's cooler. With a truly decadent pool, play area for the kids, bar, spa & heaps of skill items, this home will truly suit the growing family. Enjoy!

The link to download can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD

Seventies Fever

This large home is built on a 40 x 40 lot and provides your Sims with 4 bedrooms (2 doubles, 1 single and a nursery) together with 4 bathrooms.  There are both formal and casual living and dining areas and a large kitchen fitted with all the necessary mod-cons.

There is a large entertainment area located over the double garage and in the basement you will find plenty of items for your Sims to hone their budding skills.  The exterior of the home boasts a BBQ area, a beautiful feature swimming pool and a pond with fish.  There is also a mature fruit and vegetable patch at the side of the house. (Created by Kaztomp)

Here is a street view of Seventies Fever:-

The link to download her can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD

Blue Mountains Bungalow

This gorgeous 20th century, Australian bungalow is built on a 40 x 30 plot and is the perfect home for the large or extended Sim family.

The home has 4 large bedrooms and 2 large bathrooms.  There is a large formal living and dining area and a smaller, cozier family room for those quiet family get togethers.  The country style kitchen provides eat-in dining and the necessities for a well cooked family meal.

Blue Mountains Bungalow is the perfect country or suburban retreat for a family of 8 Sims, as well as the cat and dog.  There is play equipment for both children and pets and a pond in the front yard.  The large wrap around deck provides shade from the blazing sun and a place to unwind after a hard day's grind. (Created by Kaztomp)

Here's a picture of Blue Mountains Bungalow taken from the street:-

The link to download her can be found here:-  DOWNLOAD

New Haven

This stunning, contemporary home offers the very latest in decor, style and comfort and all contained on a 40 x 40 lot. 

New Haven has 4 bedrooms (3 doubles and a nursery), 4 bathrooms, formal and casual living areas, study, spa, swimming pool, large entertainment area with dance floor, wine cellar and skill rooms.  The exterior of the home boasts a double garage, mature fruit and vegetable patch, pond with fishing and a play area for both the kids and the pets.  In short, she has everything your Sims could want in a large family home!  (Created by Kaztomp)

Here is a street view picture of New Haven:-

The link to download her can be found here:- DOWNLOAD